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Transform your outdated laundry room with Bathroom Renovations Brighton! Our expert team will create a modern, functional space you’ll love. Sleek cabinetry, efficient appliances, and stylish fixtures await. Enhance your home’s value and make laundry day a breeze. Call now for your consultation and take the first step towards your dream laundry!

Laundry Renovations Brighton: Transform Your Space with Bathroom Renovations Brighton

Are you tired of your outdated, cramped, and poorly functioning laundry room? It’s time to transform your space with the expert team at Bathroom Renovations Brighton. Our skilled professionals specialize in laundry renovations in Brighton and the surrounding areas, offering a wide range of services to create the laundry room of your dreams.

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Why Choose Bathroom Renovations Brighton for Your Laundry Renovation?

When searching for “laundry renovations near me,” you want a company that you can trust to deliver exceptional results. At Bathroom Renovations Brighton, we are not just a name but a trusted partner in your renovation journey. We pride ourselves on our:

  1. Expertise: Our team, with its wealth of experience in laundry renovations, is committed to ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards. You can rest assured that your laundry room is in capable hands.
  2. Quality craftsmanship: We use only the best materials and employ skilled tradespeople to guarantee a flawless finish.
  3. Personalized service: We don’t just build laundry rooms; we build relationships. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and preferences, creating a laundry room that not only suits your lifestyle but also reflects your personality. Your satisfaction is our top priority. 
  4. Competitive pricing: We offer affordable laundry renovations without compromising on quality.


Our Laundry Renovation Services

Laundry Layout Design

The layout of your laundry room is crucial for maximizing space and functionality. Our designers will work with you to create an intelligent laundry design that optimizes every inch of your space. We consider factors such as appliance placement, storage solutions, and workflow to ensure that your laundry room is both beautiful and practical.

Custom Storage Solutions

A well-organized laundry room is critical to making laundry day a breeze. We offer a range of clever storage solutions, including:

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Open shelving
  • Pull-out hampers
  • Hanging racks
  • Ironing board storage

Our storage solutions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Appliance Upgrades

If your laundry appliances need to be updated or more efficient, it may be time for an upgrade. We can help you select and install the best washing machines, dryers, and other laundry appliances to suit your needs and budget. From energy-efficient models to space-saving stackable units, we have the expertise to guide you in making the right choice.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

A laundry renovation often involves plumbing and electrical work, such as moving water lines, installing new outlets, or upgrading lighting. Our licensed plumbers and electricians ensure that all work is completed safely and to code, giving you peace of mind and a functional laundry room.

Flooring and Tiling

The right flooring and tiling can transform the look and feel of your laundry room. We offer a wide selection of water-resistant and durable flooring options, including:

  • Luxury vinyl plank
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Natural stone
  • Epoxy flooring

Our skilled tilers will ensure a flawless installation, creating a beautiful and long-lasting foundation for your laundry room.

Laundry Renovation Ideas and Inspiration

Are you looking for creative laundry room remodelling ideas? Here are some popular trends and styles to consider:Scandinavian-inspired: Clean lines, white cabinetry, and light wood accents create a bright and airy feel.

  1. Farmhouse chic: Incorporate shaker-style cabinets, apron-front sinks, and vintage-inspired hardware for a cozy, rustic vibe.
  2. Bold and colourful: Make a statement with bright, bold colours on cabinets, walls, or appliances.
  3. Luxury Laundry: Elevate your space with high-end finishes, such as marble countertops, glass tile backsplashes, and designer lighting.
  4. Multi-functional: Maximize your space by incorporating a folding station, drying racks, or even a small home office area.


Our team can help bring your laundry renovation ideas to life, creating a space that is both stylish and functional.

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Laundry Renovations Cost

The cost of laundry renovations in Brighton can vary depending on factors such as the size of your space, the scope of work, and the materials selected. While some homeowners opt for cheap laundry renovations or DIY laundry renovations to save money, investing in a professional renovation can ensure a high-quality, long-lasting result.

At Bathroom Renovations Brighton, we offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes for all our laundry renovation services. Contact us today at 0466 344 447 or email us at for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

Small Laundry Renovations

Even if you have a small laundry room, our team can help you make the most of your space. Some ideas for small laundry renovations include:

  1. Stacking washer and dryer units to save floor space.
  2. Installing a folding station that folds up against the wall when not in use
  3. Using vertical space with wall-mounted drying racks and shelving
  4. Incorporating sliding or pocket doors to avoid a swinging door taking up valuable space

Our designers are experts in creating functional and beautiful small laundry rooms that maximize every inch of space.

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Laundry and Bathroom Renovations

Many homeowners choose to combine their laundry and bathroom renovations for a more cohesive and efficient renovation process. At Bathroom Renovations Brighton, we offer both laundry and bathroom renovations, ensuring a seamless experience and a beautiful, coordinated result.

Why Invest in a Laundry Renovation or Laundry Makeover?

A laundry renovation or laundry makeover can offer numerous benefits, including:

  1. Increased functionality and efficiency, making laundry day a breeze
  2. Added storage space, reducing clutter and making organization easier
  3. Enhanced aesthetic appeal, creating a space you’ll love to spend time in
  4. Potential increase in home value, making your renovation a smart investment
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Affordable Laundry Renovations

Ready to kickstart your bathroom renovation journey? Contact Bathroom Renovations Brighton now for seamless Laundry Renovation Services. Our expert team is dedicated to providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Phone: 0466 344 447

Address: 214 Bay St. Brighton VIC 3186

Don’t delay your dream laundry any longer! Reach out to us for a consultation and let’s turn your vision into reality.

Get Started on Your Dream Ensuite Today

a laundry renovation with Bathroom Renovations Brighton is an investment in your home and your quality of life. From intelligent laundry designs to creative laundry room remodeling ideas, our expert team is here to help you transform your space. Contact us today to start your journey towards the laundry room of your dreams.

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Bathroom Renovations Brighton: Our Services

At Bathroom Renovations Brighton, we offer a comprehensive range of services to transform your bathroom into a modern, functional, and stylish space. Our expert team specializes in modern bathroom renovations, ensuring that your new bathroom is up-to-date with the latest trends and features. We also excel in small bathroom renovations, maximizing space and functionality in even the most compact areas.

Our ensuite renovation services in Brighton create luxurious and personalized spaces for your ultimate comfort.

We handle every aspect of your renovation project, from bathroom demolition and removal to professional plumbing installation, ensuring that your new bathroom is built to last.

Our skilled tilers provide top-quality bathroom tiling in Brighton, while our waterproofing experts ensure that your bathroom remains protected from moisture damage. Trust Bathroom Renovations Brighton to deliver exceptional results for your bathroom renovation project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a laundry renovation depends on the scope of the project, but most renovations can be completed within 1-3 weeks.

Yes, in most cases, you can stay in your home during the renovation. We’ll work with you to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth, efficient process.

Yes, our team includes experienced designers who will work with you to create a custom laundry room design that suits your needs, style, and budget.

We offer a range of laundry renovation services and products to suit different budgets. Our team will work with you to find cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality or style.

Simply contact us at 0466 344 447 or email us at to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, assess your space, and provide you with a detailed quote for your laundry renovation.